Live Casino

How live casinos work

One thing that is very true about the online gambling industry is that it’s always been evolving in a very fast pace, which makes things exciting for gamblers around the planet. I’m talking about casino gaming in particular. Online casinos are constantly getting more and more features added to them, and these days it’s not uncommon for a casino website to offer more than 500 different casino games to their customers, which of course gives us great variety. Comparing today’s online casinos to those that were around, say, 7 or 8 years ago would barely be possible as everything has changed so much.

One of the most interesting features in casinos that have recently began development and starting to get popular is the live casino feature that many different casinos offer their players today. Live casino gaming literally means that you play in a real, physical casino, from the comfort of your own home.

So how does live casino gaming actually work? Let us first look at how your normal roulette game would work when you play online. When you log into the game, you will get a window up that displays a roulette table (usually with pretty decent graphics). You can then place your bets on the table, and the wheel begins to spin. So basically, what this is, is a simulation of a roulette wheel spinning – we can see the ball spinning in the wheel, but in reality there is no ball and no wheel. The result of each spin is produced by a random number generator, and what we see in the animation is just an illustration of what has previously been generated by the computer. It’s nothing different from a real roulette game , which is also based completely of randomness and chance, but it’s not “the real thing”. By the way, if you would like to read more about roulette and how the game actually works, check out the guide at!

When you are playing at a live casino – You actually have a real casino, with human beings as dealers, and a real roulette table with an actual wheel. The room in where the game is taking place, is then fitted with several cameras which are linked up to the online casino. The player then logs on to the game, meaning he can see everything that is going on in the room. He then decides how much and what he wants to bet on, and this information is then sent to the real dealers in the live casino. The dealer then spins the wheel and drops the ball in. This means that you are actually taking part in a real live casino game, even though you are playing from home on your laptop! You can find a ton of different casinos offering the live casino feature at, which is a gaming portal for casino players.

Although live casino games and standard online casino games are essentially the exact same thing, the feel can differ quite a lot. Some people like one better than the other, and in the end it all comes down to just personal preferences. If you are a roulette player that likes quick game, you’re probably better of playing the computer simulated games, as the animations are quite quick and you save quite a bit of time. If you are a player who used to spend time in actual casinos, but have chosen to go online as it is handier and less time consuming, you should definitely look into the live casino section, as they are the closest you are going to get to real casino gaming from your own home!

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